Friday, June 20, 2008

Mystery Substance Pt. 1

So outside of the lovely home of 8337 codesa way (which is were i currently reside) there is/was a mysterious pile of something in the rocks. I know that this sounds really conspicuous, and it should. I noticed it as i was going to work one day, this odd little grouping of... something. It looks a lot like wet sand or wet sugar, and every single day as i would pass by it the pile looked exactly the same. I'm sure that the people that live in that townhouse must think i'm crazy staring at something in front of their driveway, but i seriously have no idea what it is! I even got Jose (the sweet dude that is putting me up for the summer) to look at it. He also couldn't identify what it was. Over time i lost interest in the pile, only really looking at it to and from work. 

Yesterday i looked at the pile as i walked to my car and lo and behold! The pile has changed! It went from a wet, glassy look to a white, chalky substance. It now looks a little bit like wet flour, or putty or something! I know that this is something of the utmost importance, and i will keep everyone updated on the state of the pile. Whatever it is...

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Is it sitting on mulch? It could, quite possibly, be mulch mold. yes, mulch mold!