Sunday, June 22, 2008

A good mix of songs for the summer.

Hey Blog! I hope you are doing wonderfully tonight. I'm feelin' great, now that i have something to blog about! I have been racking my brain over the past couple days as to what i wanted to say, but just today i felt a new wave of imaginative juices permeating themselves all inside of me. HAH. funny sentence. 

The following list of songs are not my love child, but the brilliant mind of Hayley Robb's. She was an intern with me last summer at the Madison County Commission, which is where she is working again this summer. I wish her the best of luck with all those old southern women, and i couldn't be happier that I'm in Indianapolis! :-) Even though Indy is sweet, it won't make a Colts fan out of me yet. 

I was talking to The Phubbbbbbbs tonight (long story about the name. If you really want to know, comment and ask for it.) about our internships that we are in this summer when i started feeling really good about summer. The weather outside today was really weird, but flippin' awesome. I went and got a milkshake from Cold Stone Creamery and sat in a parking lot to watch the magnificent storm clouds float by menacingly. As i was talking to Phubbly i was standing on the back porch of Jose and Nicole's townhouse looking at the beautiful clouds. I was so taken aback by their beauty that i had to tell The Phubbbbbbbs about them. 

To my right was a dusky sky framed about dark grey clouds of fluff. It was whimsical, gentle, and the perfect backdrop to a warm summer night. Alternatively to my left were colossal storm clouds, constantly throwing lightning about. Every five seconds or so another lightning bolt would light up the clouds. It wasn't violent lightning, but more like a giant firefly buzzing about in the storm. It rocked so freakin' hard. I stood in awe of God's amazing beauty, even beauty in opposition of each other, making each more dynamically beautiful. So Phubbbbbbbs, so sorry my phone died, but i really was liking talking to you because i was able to look at the sky longer. :-)

Woah... I just thought their was a mirror directly to my right, when it actually was a dry erase board. Weird...

Today as i was looking at the storms, i was thinking... How many birds get struck by lightning? I mean, there are so many birds on the planet i'm sure there are a few really unlucky ones that are either in trees that get struck, or are in the misfortunate lot of direct strike victims. Does anyone know if birds are commonly struck? I asked this question to my girlfriend Bethany, and sadly she wasn't sure. As the question frustrated us both, a more important and obscure question was raised: How many birds are there on the planet? Are there more birds than people? I'm sure that as you read this, you ponder the same thing, so if anyone has the answer, please inform us! 

Here are some other questions i thought about today:
-Is the blue that i see the same blue that you see?
-If you could have different color hair, what color would you choose?
-What kind of music is popular now? What do you listen to?
-How is Coldplay going to perform the extremely complex musical arrangements of their songs on the new album well? (A.K.A. viva la vida. Does anyone play strings?)
-Can you hear God's voice in Lightning?
-How early can children start to learn how to read?
-What would people think of you if you survived a lightning strike, only to then have a distinct physical feature because of it? (i thought of split irises...)

Tristan Prettyman- Love, Love, Love
Corey Smith- Something to Lose
Donavon- Catch the Wind
The Feeling- Sewn
Joe Purdy- Wash Away
The Decemberists- On The Bus Mall
Josh Rouse- Sad Eyes
Ben lee- We're All in This Together
Scatteredtrees- Summer Sparrow
Jason Mraz- I'm Yours
Eric Bibb- Shine On
Matt Costa- Astair
Melissa Ferrick- Everything I Need
Eisley- Trolley Wood
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Promise
Indigo Girls- I Believe in Love
Old Crow Medicine Show- Wagon Wheel
Elliot Smith- Say Yes
Jonah Smith- My Morning Scene
Josh Ritter- Girl in The War

My favorites are Summer Sparrow, Girl in The War, Sewn, and I'm Yours. Check it out. Comment back. 

Love the Feed.

hah. so lame. 



Andrea said...

I, too, have often wondered if the colors I see are the same as the ones everyone else sees. I think I've tried to ask Chas this before, but didn't phrase it well. Very confusing. But I wonder if that's why we all like different things? I think we all see, hear, smell, and taste differently!

Anonymous said...

I did some research:

Attempts to assess the magnitude of global biodiversity have focused on estimating species richness. Here, we use a variety of methods to estimate the global number of individuals for a single taxon, birds. The different methods yield surprisingly consistent estimates of a global bird population of between 200 billion and 400 billion individuals.

Human population= 6,675,867,637

Conclusion: We can spare a few birds to lightening. It's a good thing they aren't bigger than we are. That's a lot of birds.