Thursday, August 28, 2008

Taylor Sucks Time Away...

Hey blogging community!

Once again, i must apologize as to my extreme lack of blog posts in the past month. School has just now gotten back into the swing of things, and it has been very high octane these past couple weeks. Lets see... in the past couple weeks i've been trained to become a PA again, met somewhere around 100+ new people, witnessed the president of my college fall off of his brand new segway and break 2 of his ribs, and see my lovely girlfriend once again. 

and thats just a taste of what has happened!

Wow... where to really start? God has blessed this past month for me in so many ways. I guess i can start with returning to school. I returned to school after a stint in alabama with my parents (which could have been much longer). My dad has gotten into road biking this summer, so we each now are proud owners of road bikes, which has been absolutely amazing. If you are interested in it, i would really recommend it! My dad and I road our bikes even in upland, indiana, which was a much less challenging ride than the hilly terrain in alabama! 

After i returned to campus and bit adeiu to my parents, I realized very quickly the work that was in place for me this coming year. I am one of three returning RAs on a staff of 12. Returner RAs are not a very common thing because of the strenuous nature of the job and the time constraints that it places upon the said RA. 2nd year RAs are looked up to more for some reason (like we know what we're doing) and it seemed that the RAs were listening in particular to me. Now, i don't mind leading something, but the role that i've been placed in is a much larger and more ominous leadership role than i'm used to. It has so much opportunity, but many pitfalls, such as pride swelling up in my life, fatal lack of leadership on my part, and losing focus of what God wants. a prayer request that i have for that role is that God would lead me, and I would be a shepherd being shepherded by the Lord.

Training continued a week or two ago as the RAs were trying to plan out what we were going to do in our dorm for this year. Our hall director (affectionately known as crazy) asked us what we wanted to stand up for in our dorm. What did we want to see as change in guy's lives when they left our hall? What a huge question! I hope that when people leave this dorm, they will be drawn closer to the Lord in how they live.

And thats what we're trying to do. We really do want to see guys come to a greater understanding of what God is doing in our lives as men, and to figure out what this whole christian church thing is all about. 

:::::::::::::::(I started this post about 2 weeks ago, so now i'm finishing it!):::::::::::::::::::

So School has started and i'm back into the swing of things. The guys on our floors are really active in things and are trying to grow. Its good.

relationally, its been a little bit rough, but i'm trusting God. 

Spiritually, I have felt myself have a necessity to cling to God for strength. 

emotionally... lets just say you have to taste the sour to appreciate the sweet.

physically, I got a bike and i've put over 100 miles on it! W00t!

ok, i'm sorry that this has been so long in coming, but life has been going on, so... well, i don't know what to say! :-)

Grace and peace to everyone that reads this. I hope that You can be blessed by this in some way. Peace!