Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bitter is Better

Today i had a cafe mocha at a coffee shop in a quaint little downtown. It was delicious. Usually i'm more of an americano kind of guy, but today i was feeling something sweet. Interestingly enough, before this past semester at school, i really didn't have much of an affinity toward coffee. The thought of sipping bean juice always made it less appealing than it actually was. Imagine if someone tried to offer you the juice from baked beans as an early morning treat. :-\ 

I think it was a myriad of different things that caused me to enjoy coffee. first, my girlfriend was gone all semester in Lithuania, so i would have to stay up really late to be able to talk to her. More often than not, my homework would follow our conversations, meaning i would be up rather late working on greek or something. I started getting into coffee out of necessity. Secondly, i jumped headfirst into the deepest and darkest parts of the coffee world. A black americano was my choice mostly, and i could rarely finish it in one sitting. This meant that the next morning or afternoon i would be still sipping on a very cold and bitter cup of caffeinated liquid. The weird part is that i actually started to enjoy coffee just as much cold as i did hot. I think in reality i actually just killed enough taste buds with the stuff that i couldn't tell the difference anymore. :-)

I'm listening to Alexi Murdoch, to the song called Wait. It is soothing. highly recommended.

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