Monday, July 7, 2008


I've never realized how jealously relational God really is. 

Recently i've started reading in Genesis with plans to read straight through the entire Bible. I've never actually done this, so i figured that now was as good a time as any to start. With all the changes, plans, and developments that are forming in the church, in my generation's paradigm of what the church looks like, and my school, i thought it was good to go ahead and start again from the beginning. :-)

Anyways, I'm currently in the middle of Exodus and God has really surprised me. A lot. The first thing that has stuck out to me is how specific God is! He has such an order to things, it seems almost tedious. He gives exact dimensions to the ark of the covenant, exact materials to build it out of, and the craftsman he wants to build it. He even gives minute details about the clothes that the priests should wear when serving in the Tabernacle. The attention to detail and the state of orderliness that God demands is astounding! 

At first glance I think, "Man! God is really uptight and demanding!" That is my first reaction. Thinking about it in context, my view shifts and becomes one of understanding. Think what our world would look like if god didn't love order. All the world is based upon laws: laws of nature, social laws, laws of the covenant, etc. Imagine if God haven't been meticulous about how Atoms are arranged. Or if gravity was wishy washy in certain places. He demands order from the Israelites because in order obedience is required. As the Israelites worship God in an orderly fashion, they are obeying God's law, which is ultimately what he wants. 

On another note...

Today, we can all agree... Apple is in the business of stealing lives. Observe.

Also, here is why I don't watch TV.

Update on the TU church:

As more people have been introduced to the idea, the spectrum of reactions continues to grow. Some people are really excited for it, while others have their misgivings. Both views help to develop the idea of what the church could be. the more people that I personally talk to about it, the more i realize how much we need to involve God in this entire process. I've already found myself disheartened in some areas, but I've realized its because I've been trying to do somethings by myself. As a believer and a community member that is trying to cause positive change in the community that I live in, I need to center every action around God. If God wills it, a way will be found. :-)


C. Dunbar said...

-yours is better

ARBRA said...

The idea of a TU church has been long overdue. In sammy alone, I feel I know several guys who don't feel like they have a church home, let alone go to a church regularly. Even if just for convenience, this would be a way to get more people involved in Christian community. And even though I do attend a local church, I feel distant at the church I go to even though i go regularly. I do feel like a "shot of cortizone" sometimes. Just know this is another person who is listening and thinking. (and subscribe to my new blog!)

Jake Barker said...

You should really warn people before posting Onion articles. I started reading the article and my jaw dropped open...only to realize it was all satire. Maybe that says something about me being willing to read anything without considering the source.