Tuesday, July 29, 2008

After a slight hiatus...

Hey blogging world and readers!

Sorry that it has been such a long time since my last update. Life has been a little bit crazy and a little bit different for multiple reasons. I've been on a mission trip, housesat for a lovely family, and really just haven't had much to write about.

First off, i will describe a little bit of my feelings post mission trip. We went to tijauana, mexico for a week to build houses for families that were either living in poor conditions or didn't have a house to begin with. (which i suppose is still poor living conditions...) This was the first mission trip that i have been on that was more focused on work and construction than on the relationships with the people. It also was the first mission trip that i have been on that was trans-generational. We had 9 year old kids and 65 year old men, all working toward the same goal. 

Overall, this was a very difficult and challenging mission trip for me. It wasn't as much of a spiritual mission trip as it was a construction trip. This challenged me in my faith, even as i've come back to america and gotten back into the groove of things. Another challenging part of the trip was the students. I've never really realized how fickle and self centered people can be. As i dialogued with Jake, he basically said, "welcome to the dark side of student ministry". Jeez. 

So basically, that put my faith into a funk. I was fairly disheartened because the mission trip that i went on wasn't the time of growth and the mountaintop experience that i'm used to. This reverberated into the way that i have viewed the idea of a church at taylor. Let me explain.

The more that i've thought about it, the more I've become unsure with the idea. I now have started to see the positives in the ideas that people like david and Blackwasp proposed from the start. Reshaping Vespers or something would be good. But to counterbalance that, I still think that this should be a very bold program. Basically, i think that discussion should happen the entire first semester about TU church. If the idea came to fruition too early, it would be underdeveloped, which is the last thing that it needs. 

To everyone who reads this, i would ask that you pray for the idea of a church or program at Taylor. Also, pray that i can stay focused on what God wants from me in this coming school year. I'll do the same for all of you!


ps- sorry that this post was so vague and ambiguous! Its been a while since i last blogged, and i'm getting back into the swing of things!

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lauren said...

Yooo Jo....Don't let the "Religous" side of mission trip discourage you. People are going to get out of it what they allow. Personally I have never been on a mission trip! I know crazy huh..But there is a reason for this. I simply don't want to go just to go. I have asked God to increase my compassion and to have His Heart..For example most Christians work like this..


So there is a need(outside)..I have compassion(inside) and then we take action..

Jesus worked in this way


So Jesus knew what was right and wrong through it all decided He was going to change it and did.

Now neither was is wrong or right but I don't want people to tell me I "Should do missions" I have let God by getting to know Him better alow me to get a burning inside for Justice on earth.

Keep on keepin' on bro don't let other Christians dictate Your walk or your experience. It is up to you with how far you want to see things go..If you want to see something happen with the spiritual life at TU DO IT! Just step out in Faith man..Your not going to do it with your talent or skill anyway..God will give the increase and God will shape the lives of those around you.

Hope that is clear..Sometimes I just think too much and type and I'm not sure what comes out on the other end..Love ya man and keep pursuing God!