Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bandanas and Americanos go well together

Today, something horrific occurred in my life. It became known to me that the only coffeehouse anywhere remotely close to Taylor University will begin closing early. Yes thats right, Payne's Coffee and Custard will start closing at midnight from now on. Why you ask! What in all of God's wonderful green earth could cause such a magnificent cloister of greatness shut its doors to hungry and caffeine craving patrons? Money. We asked one of the workers what the deali-o was and she informed us that Payne's wasn't making enough moolah, hence the depressing news. If I'd have had a candle, i would have lighted it for Payne's sake. 

So, if any of my dedicated readers (which i have 2 of! ^_^) happen upon vast amounts of money, please make your way to upland, Indiana and leave an exorbitantly large stash of cash in the seat cushion for the failing business. Everyone at Taylor would thank you profusely.

On another note, I am thinking about re-arranging my computer Keyboard from the Qwerty keyboard to the Dvorak keyboard. The initial benefits will be little, but in the long run, there are many benefits. 1. The Dvorak keyboard is proven to be faster and better for your hands. 2. other will have a hard time sabotaging the work that i create. 3. I will know a vital skill if i want to be an "international person". 4. Its just the thing of a trendy white hipster to learn. 5.  positive challenge would be welcome in my life!

take it or leave it, thats whats going down.


and to end today, the most entertaining video on the internet... Here


Suzanne said...

I'm a dedicated reader!

Good luck with the Dvorakness! And I hope that you can convince the coffee house to close later. . . midnight is just absurd.

Mischler said...

Dude, let me know how the dvorak keyboard works out for you. I'm interested in trying that out

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Payne's now closing early makes me sad. This adds nothing to the metadiscussion, I'm just showing some solidarity here.

Trevor said...

best. video. ever.

I'm just upset we didn't get to see a close up of the backup singer all the way on the right.

Anonymous said...

I switched to Dvorak in March 2006 and I haven't looked back. It's nice not to worry about wrist pain anymore. Every modern OS I've used lets me switch it, so there's no downside so far.